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How will we Change the Game!

Data-Driven Content and Market insights to guide business buying decisions is limited and ofter unorganised. Exchange your thought leadership and highlight your company’s expertise in the industry.

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Governance and Sourcing!

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A majority of Software outsourcing projects fails due to avoidable communication and management issue. Well, not anymore!

We Saw a Problem

Help your network find the right firms for their next project. We attempt to assure that the leads on our platform have an outsourcing demand and a legitimate budget so we can provide them the best.

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We Build a Solution

Write for our social media channels or our blog. Get visibility through our email newsletters. You need to be passionate about technology.

Who We are?

Promote FindFirms with your connections that are looking to build a digital product. When anyone signs up, they earn ₹20,000 in credits. And ₹50,000 goes to your bank account when they spend at least ₹10,00,000!

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Prateek Mathur



Director of People


Chief Revenue Officer

Nitin Nodiyal

Product Design Head

Bhushan Shaligram

Head of Operations


VP, Product Management

Moazzam Khan

VP, Brand and Product Marketing


VP, Engineering – Buyers Solutions

Tanvi Mathur

VP, Legal & Associate General Counsel


VP, Commercial Sales


VP, Alliances and Partnerships


SVP,  People

Dhruv Gupta

Advisor, Commercial Sales


Senior Product Analyst

Nishu Kumar

Advisor, Product Management

Raman Choudhary

Content Developer and Marketer


Customer Experience Analyst


Growth Operations Manager

Puneet Gupta

Market Research Analyst

Vaibhav Jain

UX Designer