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Why is it easier to get precise data about a ₹1,000 hotel room than ₹10,00,000 Piece of Software?

In 2020, a trio asked themselves this issue. The next day, they established FindFirms with Top Business Software and Services Providers. Today, thousands of people connect to find firms to read and write authentic reviews about hundreds of software products and professional services. So far, we’ve published 1,000+ reviews that are helping hundreds of businesses make better buying decisions — and reach their full potential.

Selling Software?

Secure new Buyers.

Your future customers are researching their next purchase on FindFirms. Thousands of startups and businesses all over the world visit FindFirms every month to find the right partner for their next digital software. Make sure they can find you.

“We’re in a crisis of trust… In this day and age you create trust through things like FindFirms and happy customers, not necessarily through great sales and marketing.”

Co-founder, Gift R.  Find Firms Reviewer

Providing Services?

Get new Customers.

Consumers waste too much time sifting through the spin and convening through endless meetings. After all this, consumers still lack trust in their Service Provider, and most projects fail to reach their expectations. We cut through chaotic market analysis by accumulating client reviews to connect challenges with confidence.

Our Vetting Process

01 Submit Your Firm for Valuation (100%)

Agencies submit their profile to evaluate. We audit the pattern to check the legitimacy of the profile. The adoption criteria are verified track record, reviews from former clients and employees, visible ratings, converge on their core expertise, experience, headcount, and much more.

02 Experience Audit (54%)

Screening of portfolios will get done against the highest benchmarks, and interview of their previous clients to ensure they had a great experience.

03 In-Depth Skill Review (37%)

Software code will get assessed and study on open source contributions to guarantee consistent software structure and documentation methods.

04 Dummy Project (19%)

FindFirms do a dummy project with vendors to ensure quality. At times, dummy project will need to done to develop trust between both parties.

05 Continued Excellence (5%-7%)

The Zero-Tolerance behavior towards work and poor performance of firms followed. Acting so may end in the firm getting blacklisted permanently.

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