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We want to highlight your expertise on our portal. With viewers from around the world, we present the ideal platform for companies seeking to highlight their business leadership, get in front of an intended audience, and boost their brand trustworthiness.

Contributed Content Offering:

Exchange your thought leadership and highlight your company’s expertise in the industry. All content will get published in the Blog and Industry Surveys section of our Website. FindFirms will not look at content until later this quarter due to the spread of coronavirus. You can still submit your article idea, but we will not be able to answer quickly. Thank you.

  • Opportunity to write one article on FindFirms Website
  • Approved articles published in the order they’re accepted and edited; expected wait time is 1 to 2 months
  • Published articles shared five times over our social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Contributed Content Requirements:

These are some essential terms, not suggestions. If you don’t carry them, your contribution will not be accepted.

  • You need to use our application form below to submit an article
  • Only present your original content that has not published before on any other platform
  • Article range of 900-1,500 words
  • Add a 1-2 sentence summary of your article at the top under your headline
  • Download and understand the information in the Writer’s Checklist at the bottom of this page
  • Note; don’t tell: Add step-by-step directions, screenshots, and illustrations with screenshots or flowcharts
  • Reference or link to sources, case studies that help your opinion and help the reader experience the subject
  • Add at least one picture in your article as PNG or JPEG. We do not take stock photos. Please use screenshots, related graphics, and other pictures that back up and demonstrate your cases
  • Propose articles as .doc or .docx, not Google Doc

Apply to Write for Us

We need an aspect of your intended topic in our request form and links to previous writing examples. We will let you know within a week if the article you propose is suitable. If you don’t hear from us, your request was not admitted.
Want to write for us again? Apply again! You need to apply each time you want to propose an article topic.

Editorial Process

We evaluate each topic and reach out within one week if the subject sounds like a great fit for our readers. If you don’t catch back from us within a week, your topic isn’t the right fit for us at this time.

Following receiving a finished article, we take about one month to study it and share feedback.

We require writers to update their articles based on our feedback before publication. Once reports are concluded and approved, we take about two to three months to publish them.

We use our “Our Checklist” (below) to edit articles. Please ensure that your finished report covers every item on the checklist before presenting it. We hold the right to reject materials that do not meet our terms and edit articles as we see fit. 

Submit articles that help readers make better buying decisions

We feature articles that encourage readers to make knowledgeable business decisions. We require detailed explanations, thorough examples, and actionable guidance. A user shouldn’t have to look up another reference when reading your article.

Every contribution should meet individual goals:

  1. Notify readers about business methods, challenges, outlines, and tools, using case studies, samples, and data.
  2. Teach readers about the opportunities they need to execute to innovate and improve their business and why.
  3. Guide readers through the process of solving critical business challenges and making informed choices, using formulated, step-by-step guidance
  4. Narrate a topic comprehensively, so readers don’t need to read anything else before taking the step.

To get an idea of what we’re looking for, check out.  Blog and Industry Surveys section on our website

Fit the Topics we cover

Your contribution needs to trade with a business decision, acquisition, or another problem that fits into one of our content sections:

For inspiration, check our Blog and Industry Surveys,  and think of topics.

Reach out to [email protected] with any inquiries about joining our content community.