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Entry Level Price: $37/user/month*

C2CRM is a flexible CRM that manages your client relationships throughout the sales cycle.  Feature-rich, affordable CRM that’s an excellent option for all sizes and industries.

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C2 CRM Overview

What is C2 CRM?

Clear C2CRM, is robust yet easy to use. It was created for businesses of all industries and sizes (10 user minimum). Customisable CRM that will encourage sales, maintain customer relationships, and automate internal methods. Affordable, adaptable pricing.

Product Description

C2CRM streamlines your buying process by presenting real-time data on leads, possibilities and customers. It develops and tracks marketing actions.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

We present the same CRM tools as most of our opponents (and sometimes more). Our business model is different. We don’t outsource any of our service or support to partners. We want to understand your business and make sure our CRM fits your requirements. We work collectively to create a clarification that your company will use (and actually like). This enables our team to provide ongoing education and support as your company evolves. Our client support is outstanding. Try us out and see for yourself. If you disagree, you can cancel your monthly contract anytime.



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