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CompanyHub is customizable a CRM for sales teams.

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CompanyHub CRM Overview

What is CompanyHub CRM?

Along with general CRM features like contact management, sales pipeline management, quotes and product management, CompanyHub is very powerful with the following aspects of CRMs:-

Customizable for different industries:
Typically when CRMs say they are customizable, they just let you store some fields. CompanyHub goes way beyond that. You can also create custom tables to keep any data like Projects, Payments, Schools, Properties, Courses etc. Records from different tables can be associated. You can change the labels (like change ‘Company’ to ‘Hospital’), filter records by any criteria, change columns and report on any table/field.

Powerful Reporting:
You can get the report in seconds. You can do reporting on any data (including custom fields), for any period. Filters can also be applied. It also supports various types of charts & tables.

Strong Email Automation:
Salespeople spend a lot of time on email. CompanyHub gives them everything they need to be more productive. Email Sync automatically updates the conversation with leads. No need to BCC/copy-paste. The team can see all discussion in one place. Bulk mail helps reach more leads in clicks. Email tracking shows who opened which mail and which links they clicked. Email can be scheduled. Are you sending an important mail? You can also request a reminder, in case you don’t get a reply. There is also a Gmail plugin to track any mail sent from Gmail.

Minimize efforts on feeding data in CRM:
Salespeople hate updating CRMs. And it is not their mistake. CRMs are time-consuming. CompanyHub lets them do everything from one place – like excel. From a single page, you can create records, add notes, conversations & tasks, edit fields, and send followup emails. Email sync & bulk mail also save a lot of time.

Control who can see what data:
Lead information is a vital asset to the company. Even within the team, they prefer to regulate who can see what data. CompanyHub gives complete control on who can see which records, and even which fields. It supports hierarchy based as well as role-based access control. Even if two salespersons see the same page/report, they will see different data based on what is visible to them.

So CompanyHub is very adaptive and easily accommodate your daily business routine without changing your process.

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