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AI-based lead scoring, email, activity capture, and more.

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Freshsales is a sales CRM built to help you stop juggling between multiple tools. It’s ideal for small businesses and for enterprises.

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FreshSales CRM Overview

What is FreshSales CRM?

Freshsales appears with a built-in phone powered by Freshcaller which allows direct calling with a single click on a contact’s number. Users can set up buy local numbers, allow call recording, and set up IVRs in a matter of seconds. Users can also add data, schedule tasks, as well as obtain appointments.

The 360-degree design provides users with in-depth client insights on prospects that enable users to organize relevant communications and keep track of touch points using the activity timeline. Freshsales receives data and segments activities based on a contact’s behaviour. Users can get perspective on leads with forwarding lead scoring, and prioritize critical follow-ups.

  • Customization: Set-up Freshsales your way personalize your record to reflect your company terminology, design and edit fields across modules, and more.
  • Productivity: Increase sales productivity with real-time notifications, easy data import, and the path to relevant information in one spot.
  • Communication: Engage with your leads across channels— email, call, and SMS straight from Freshsales CRM.
  • Collaboration: No more functioning in silos—collaborate with teammates on projects, from inside Freshsales.
  • Insights: Leverage real-time insights to influence your conversations. Know more about your leads and their buying intention, and view all this erudition in one place
  • Automation: No more spending time on ordinary manual work. Freshsales benefits you automate your sales method to make sure your time is consumed in the best way.
  • Pipeline Management: Quickly reflect all your deals across multiple pipelines and comprehensive actions right from the sales module.
  • Reporting: Probe team performance and dig down into your sales numbers, reps, and campaigns. Generate reports to find out how your sales methods can be your best practices.
  • Security: Restrict account access from anonymous domains and keep an eye on adjustments made across the account.
  • Mobile app: Close deals on the go! With the Freshsales iOS and Android application, send emails, make calls, get real-time notifications, and transfer records across platforms, wherever you are.

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