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A simple CRM just built for small businesses.

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Less Annoying CRM’s mission is simple: help small businesses succeed. To do this, we’ve created a new breed of CRM software.

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Less Annoying CRM Overview

What is Less Annoying CRM?

Clients are the lifeblood of any company, but keeping a relationship with every single client can be difficult without guidance. Over time, the amount of information you have to keep a record of is just too much to remember, and opportunities will start sliding past you.

That’s where a CRM appears. A CRM is a software tool that will help you store, organize, and execute on all of the info you have on your clients. Each client has their profile in the CRM, which is where you store everything you prize about that soul. This covers basic contact info, notes, upcoming tasks, and much more. The CRM will also assign you follow-up reminders and create simple reports so that nothing ever slips by you again.

There are a lot of CRMs out there, and if you’ve tried any of them, odds are you’ve had an annoying experience with them. Here’s what we do to be less annoying.

Built for Small Businesses

Most CRMs are intended for big companies. Sure, they might have a “small business” program on their pricing page, but that implies they took their regular product and removed features. That appears in a clunky, complex experience for you. That’s why we created LACRM from the ground up precisely for small firms. We give you everything you need, and none of that junk that you don’t.

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