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Entry Level Price: $24/user/month*

NetHunt CRM integrates completely with Gmail, placing the full-featured Sales CRM right next to the work emails. Everything a salesperson needs is now available in the Gmail inbox.

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NetHunt CRM Overview

What is NetHunt CRM?

NetHunt CRM combines entirely with Gmail, setting the full-featured CRM right close to your emails. Everything you need is now accessible in Gmail inbox: client profiles, sales and opportunities, data filters and views, team collaboration, email tracking, mass email campaigns, and much more!

It is created inside your favourite mailbox so that the CRM feels as natural and outspoken as Gmail.

Switching is easy: it takes minutes to move your data to NetHunt. Capture emails automatically and generate leads in one click. Store and access every moment of client interaction and negotiations. Use Zapier to combine NetHunt with other apps you use every day. On top of that, our Client Support is one of the greatest out there, so they will make your product life as smooth as possible.

Get Smart Insights Filter: sort and save your data in any style you need. Get fast and smart solutions to the productivity questions like: How many sales are about to be closed? How many yesterday’s leads weren’t treated? What are my superiority tasks for today?

Never miss a deal: Get full pipeline clarity. Manage sales from your inbox. Monitor open and click rates of your emails. Set announcements & reminders.

Customise CRM to your needs: No two businesses are the same. Thus, there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all CRM service. NetHunt gives broad customisation capabilities so that you could modify every CRM aspect you requires: from folders and permissions to customer cards and pipelines. And whenever you need to replace anything, it’s quick and straightforward!

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