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With AI tools, an intuitive rules engine, and database builder, firms can automate workflows and gain insights from the data.

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Nextiva CRM Overview

What is Nextiva CRM?

Nextiva Service CRM is a multi-channel customer support and customer experience software that allows agents to help customers over multiple communication channels, managing all their interactions in one place. With Artificial Intelligence tools, an intuitive rules engine, and database builder, businesses can automate workflows to and gain insights from the data. Comprehensive experience scoring and patented SmartTopic technology give companies a holistic view of customers. A few amazing things you can do with this Suite:

  • Manage sales & customer support with one powerful CRM workspace.
    When a lead becomes a customer, all of their information is already in the system for your support team to access and leverage.
  • Take the guesswork out of customer relationships & keep everyone happy.
    Upsell your happiest customers to increase revenue. Personalize customer experience without doing any extra work. Intervene before unhappy customers leave to reduce churn with real-time customer sentiment.
  • Track & analyze your entire pipeline for valuable hidden business insights.
    Track the entire customer journey. From lead to the end of the lifecycle. Every interaction along the way is tracked and analyzed.

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