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Entry Level Price: $15/month*

Pipedrive Sales CRM concentrates on making more sales occur with less time needed for the administrator.

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Pipedrive CRM Overview

What is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive is a sales administration tool for small partners with big ambitions. It envisions your sales pipeline and supports to make sure critical activities and communications won’t get dropped. Salespeople like it because it’s simple to use and intuitive. And managers like it because they don’t require to nag their team to use their CRM. It also wears built-in forecasting, alliances with other software such as Google Apps, MailChimp and Zapier and a robust API for those that wish to “roll their own” software solutions. Full Solution for just $15 per month.

Pipedrive is a Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software. Pipedrive concentrates on making more sales occur with less time needed for the administrator. 

Features to help you focus

  • Control leads and deals: Get more hot leads fed orderly into your sales pipelines around the clock from your custom chatbot and web applications.
  • Track communications: Track calls, emails and contact history precisely where you need to and have full clarity and control of your schedule.
  • Automate and grow: Exclude busywork by automating monotonous administrative tasks and study from artificial intelligence
  • Insights and reports: Deep dive into metrics customized for your firm and measure business performance against set aims
  • Privacy and security: Have full clarity and peace of mind on when and how your company data is being used
  • Mobile apps and integrations: Access Pipedrive from your portable device and combine with your favourite sales-boosting apps

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New York, NY

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640 employees

Languages Supported

German, English, Estonian, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

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