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Entry Level Price: $25 user/month

Pipeliner is a CRM Software for Windows & Mac. Control your sales pipeline online or offline, from any device.

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Pipeliner CRM Overview

What is Pipeliner CRM?

Pipeliner CRM prompts outstanding user engagement through its sales-friendly experience. With its uniform exploration and visual path, users can determine the system immediately, which encourages high adoption rates and more agile ROI. Plus users can quickly customize what they see to obtain the system their own.

Pipeliner’s administration backend is also visual and simple to use with drag and drop, in-line editing and other non-technical mechanisms. A key differentiator is that Pipeliner does not need a fulltime admin or expensive certified technical support.

There is also a great reporting engine built-into the product which enables reports to be created from any view or area in the system. There are many types of reports accessible from standard to pivot to advanced and graphical dashboards.

At Pipeliner there is a powerful belief in concentrating on core competencies which is why Pipeliner gives the best in sales force automation and then presents an easy and seamless way for clients to integrate with other best of class systems like Ticketing or Marketing Automation or any other tool a client may be using.

Pipeliner also presents many “Automation Add-ins” that automate routine jobs that would need manual interference in other systems. The Pipeliner Mobile CRM App is the most superior on the market and the only one with the built-in Artificial Intelligence engine, Voyager. With location and mapping characteristics, voice to text, visiting card scanning and more, the mobile app allows real efficiency against the go.

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