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Vtiger All-In-One CRM


Entry Level Price: $10/user/month*

Vtiger All-In-One CRM truly delivers tons of features at a low cost. Vtiger manages everything from marketing campaigns to sales force automation, to customer support.

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Vtiger All-In-One CRM Overview

What is Vtiger All-In-One CRM?

Vtiger One: The real all-in-one CRM that makes working between apps easy Gives you a live 360-degree view of your customer, without the need for integrations. Helps your marketing, sales, and support teams to increase engagement, win more deals, and foster brand loyalty.

Everything you need to build a great customer experience Vtiger One equips your teams to make better decisions. Whether they work in the sales CRM, help desk, or marketing apps, Vtiger always surfaces relevant customer data from all apps to help them drive relationships and deals forward.

Vtiger’s All-in-One CRM helps over 300,000 businesses improve revenue, customer loyalty, and team performance by breaking barriers between marketing, sales, and support teams.

Vtiger’s All-in-one CRM helps teams create delightful experiences across the entire customer lifecycle.
1) Marketing teams to capture and nurture leads.
2) Sales teams to score, track and close deals.
3) Support teams to access complete customer history and provide exceptional support.

Vtiger is designed for agile teams – easy to use and highly customizable.

Why Vtiger One?

The only solution that creates one shared understanding of customers for everyone in a company to work from

Other “all-in-one” CRM software is taped together from stand-alone products that fragment your customer view. Vtiger One isn’t another bundle.

It’s one seamless system in which all data, automation, and insights transcend apps and link to one, central customer record.

Work together, from one shared view of your customers.

Ditch the fragmented views of customers that other “integrated” sales, marketing, and support solutions give you, for Vtiger’s one view that’s shared across teams.

With it, you’ll make better decisions and design more impactful automation than ever before.

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Cupertino, California

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129 employees

Languages Supported

Arabic, Bulgarian, German, English, French, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified)

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