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Beginner’s Guide To Agile Methodology

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Written by Raman Choudhary

March 13, 2020


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Agile Methodology – A Complete Guide

The Agile Methodology is a type of methodology that enables us to retort and adapt to changes in an ever-evolving environment.
With proper planning and analyzing the current scenario, we can overcome many obstacles by using the agile methodology.

There is a misconception around Agile Methodology that agile is a software development framework. Whereas, on the opposite, it is just an idealogy while the actual methodologies are Scrum, Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method, etc. It can be highly bankable to adopt an agile methodology for you.

Key Aspects Of Agile –

  • Heavily focused on who than the what and how.
  • A greater value is in an actual piece of work that robust documentation.
  • The customer must be involved.
  • There should always be some room for changes in the process.

Agile Software Development Principles –

Some principles which are followed in Agile are – 

  • Appreciation motivates the team and in return, they go the extra mile to maintain a sustainable development pace
  • Customer satisfaction is of priority and the team should be ready to accept changes.
  • The development should ideally range from a couple of weeks to a few months.
  • The key to success is a steady flow of communication between the customer and the development team. It helps in maintaining clarity.
  • To significantly boost the quality of deliverables, the team should strive for excellence and put in their best efforts, every time.

Benefits of Software Development Through Agile – 

Using Agile can prove to be very beneficial. Some of the benefits involve – 

1. Involvement of Client 

 The team can expect client involvement right after the completion of the milestone during the development process. 

2. Shorter Development Times

The entire life cycle of development is divided into shorter periods where the focus of the team is on getting the planned feature ready within a fixed cycle and getting it delivered to the client. This results in shorter turnaround times and reduced delays in client feedback.

3. Tight Control over Schedule And Cost

 You have control over time and cost of the project when there are shorter, defined sprint cycles. A clearer picture of project cost and time to clients is created after the outcome of each sprint. This leads to better decisions in the future. 

 4. Adapts to Change Effortlessly

Any incoming can be incorporated easily with the agile development methodology. From the backlog for the next sprint, new requests or prioritized features can be picked which makes the client happy.

5. Ensure High Quality

The development team can focus on the quality of each deliverable when the entire project is broken into short pieces (aka sprints) coupled with comprehensive testing. To further perfect the sprint’s deliverable, multiple iterations can be created.

What are the Agile Methodologies?

 The frameworks in Agile development methodology includes a multitude of components that include – 

1. Scrum

Scrum is one of the most popular frameworks in Agile development methodology. In scrum, iteration after iteration is done to solve complex problems that allow us to gain experience through continuous learning. By collaborating on a single platform and working on solving it, this approach helps with the growth of the organization and self-growth. Product backlog, sprint backlog, and a sprint goal are some artifacts that can be interpreted as tools that are used by scrum software development. Each artifact’s details are –

  • Product Backlog 

 This list contains all the work which needs to be done. It contains the features, fixes, and enhancements for the sprint backlog. To keep up with the market changes, the Product Backlog is constantly revisited and updated. 

  • Sprint Backlog 

A sprint backlog is a list of improvements and fixed that need to be applied in the current sprint cycle. While planning for the sprint, the development team chooses which fixes will they work on.

  • Increment or Sprint Goal

Of any sprint cycle, Sprint Goal defines the final deliverable. There are other names for it too such as a milestone or an increment.

2. Kanban

Another framework of Agile software development methodology is Kanban which focuses on increasing productivity while balancing the workflow assigned. General practices in it include –

  • Available work visualization by utilizing a physical or digital medium so that all work that needs to be done is presented to everyone through that medium.
  • To avoid any overburden of work, the team picks the work that could be done in a fixed amount of time.
  • To make sure productivity is always maintained throughout the cycle, pick the next task as soon as the current one is finished.

3. Extreme Programming

One of the most disciplined Agile Development Methodologies is Extreme Programming that keeps on delivering quality software while allowing new requirements from the client. 

Communication, Simplicity, Feedback, Courage, and Respect are some of the virtues on which Extreme Programming Methodology is based on.

4. Crystal Methodology 

One of the most lightweight and adaptable frameworks is Crystal agile methodology. In terms of varies skills and talents, this methodology is very forgiving. A set of methodologies that are included in Crystal are – 

  • Crystal Clear
  • Crystal Yellow
  • Crystal Orange
  • Crystal Red
  • Crystal Maroon

All the colors have their specifications and requirements.

5. Dynamic Software Development Method (DSDM) 

Dynamic System Development Model is a software development methodology that was first introduced to bring discipline and structure to Rapid Application Development methodology. To provide extensive guidance on project planning, management, and execution, DSDM is used extensively.

 6. Feature-driven Development (FDD) 

 Another lightweight methodology that emphasizes client favored features is FDD agile. The main goal of FDD is to satisfy the client by delivering working software in a short duration. FDD consists of five activities – 

  • Develop Overall Model
  • Build Feature List
  • Plan by Feature
  • Design by Feature

7. Lean Software Development 

 In this type of methodology, a bare-minimum product called MVP is released by the team with all core features. This gives the client and idea and he can decide then about what more to add or remove from the current MVP. Principles followed in Lean are – 

  • Eliminate waste
  • Amplify learning
  • Decide as late as possible
  • Deliver as fast as possible
  • Empower the team
  • Build integrity in

How to Hire Agile Software Development Teams

Even if we know all about agile development methodologies, it is still difficult to find someone who follows Agile software development methodology. You should look for some of these important aspects when looking to hire agile developers –

  • They provide a portfolio.
  • They ask questions and try to understand your requirements.
  • They have a good rating and positive reviews. 
  • They are self-motivated.

If you have a mind-blowing idea that you want to put in reality and don’t have the time to do this research then you can contact FindFirms. We help you to find the best agile software development teams as per your requirement.

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As Larry Elder said, “Agile development reflects a product lifecycle approach (continuous delivery of value), rather than a project approach (begin-end). While an individual release of a product can be managed as a project, an agile approach views a release as a single stage in a product’s ongoing evolution.”

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