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Post Corona World: a perspective on upcoming changes.

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Written by Prateek Mathur

March 23, 2020

Communications Insights

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Work From Home will going to be more satisfactory practise across the industries:-

Different ways of functioning will be defined soon, which will change personal KPIs. This will prove FindFirms- model’s supremacy for enterprises, SMBs and other MNCs. Outsourcing and globalisation of technology and other services enable organisations to decrease costs, profits customers with lower-cost assets and services, causes business development that lessens unemployment and increases productivity and job invention.

Time to Restore, Time to Heal, Time to be Digital, Time to be Human!

Corona is not merely a virus it is an evolutionary trigger for rethinking our world order.

People are praising the performance of private enterprises. In this pandemic situation, Air India is flying rescue aircraft, Government hospitals working at their best, police and services are working tirelessly. Eventually, we understood as in our balconies India is seen Cheering for their heroic efforts.

Shouldn’t we spend more on common health facilities and new technologies that can run economics in a crisis /emergencies? Shouldn’t we spend more on Work from Home, Remote Teams (Outsourcing) Augmented Reality, 5G, Artificial Intelligence? Shouldn’t we impose self lockdown to advance in family relationships? Can’t we defend our environment with more Janata curfews in a year?

New avatars of AI solutions will emerge for industries, where people are assembling at one place to achieve common objectives. Like Education, Co-working, Gym etc.

Divisions like Real Estate, Auto, Airlines, Tourism will go down, and Divisions which are going growing will be Healthcare, Telecom, Tech, eCommerce and more.


Mobile healthcare infra for any such future pandemic will emerge which will be capable of containing such outbreak. Personal Hygiene will improve, and initiatives like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan will be more successful.


Like AR-VR, Collaboration platforms will grow faster than ever. industrial automation and robotic process automation will go hand in hand to automate shops from ground floor to top floor.

Multiple options for manufacturing & services hubs will emerge to reduce dependency on single manufacturing or Service hub.


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“Yes, the Virus has shown us new lessons about prioritisation. We must conclude not to lose confidence, Stock markets and bond markets may collapse, But we will appear smarter, safer and compassionate. Let’s re-start our minds stubbornly!

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