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What problems you can solve to make your business successful.

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Written by Prateek Mathur

May 29, 2020


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StartUps succeed by determining real problems, but most people have no idea where to start. How will you choose the products or services you’ll transform into your problem-solving enterprises?

Here’s an approach I can roughly guarantee: Look at the job you’ve done in the past. Where were the choke points? What were the difficulties people bypassed because of the work you did? No matter how you spent the first part of your career and profession, you’ve learned to be great at something. It can be anything from planting in small areas to designing fire safety regularities. We all have a specialty. This doesn’t suggest you have to be the world’s specialist on a subject; it just means you can talk effectively about solving problems in that niche of the business.

For example, I founded an outsourcing based business at the age of 23, I leaned on know-how and tricks of the position I’d learned from my dad and brother years earlier. I absolutely wasn’t the brightest guy in the range, and I had far less experience than other firms in that market. What I did have was a working knowledge of what didn’t work and a history of applying what I did know to a wide range of problems in that general field. Other people didn’t want to work in this area because they thought it was too hard.

The technology we are building and marketing had a probably big market size. Initially, there may have been as few as five or 10 potential clients per state in India Because I was able to look to my past work in that area — especially my knowledge of what didn’t work — I was able to crack open that business and begin outsourcing systems.

Time to Restore, Time to Heal, Time to be Digital, Time to be Human!

You don’t want to exchange to everyone — you want to market to the groups who respect the advantage of the knowledge you have on a converged topic.

The purpose of your startup’s selling efforts will be to find a satisfactory number of souls who are interested in that niche and later to connect with that community in ways that are important to them.

You own talents you probably don’t recognize or appreciate. Don’t undervalue these. Do an evaluation of your abilities, and then look for the small “long tail” niches to develop your businesses in. Think about these questions:

  • What difficulties do you proceed to run in the area of your own life?
  • What do your colleagues and family frus­trated over?
  • Where is your own enthusiasm focused?
  • What do you understand more about than most utmost people? In your professional life? In your individual life?
  • Do the dilemmas you see fall into established niches? They don’t ought to be big; they just have to be authentic.
  • What assistance could you offer to promote new ways to fix existing prob­lems?

Those are the designs you can create your own business around. Check it out. Actively question. Start a wishlist and consider how you can solve existing dilemmas and add value. How can you convert the world authority at one single piece?

Now’s the opportunity to begin recognizing enigmas you can solve and whereby you can build a business model around them. Fill in the blanks here to start crafting your design:

  • I have enough experience and knowledge to call myself a leader in….
  • Somebody with this kind of dilemma can often be found….
  • My spot audience apparently uses social media platforms like….
  • Appropriate expert businesses and trade unions may include….
  • Media (such as publications, podcasts, and blogs) attached to this topic are….
  • I can cooperate with the following people nearby to solve this enigma….
  • Knowledge leaders, I can equate with include….
  • Possible buyers include….

Follow these discussions lightly. Be kind and considerate. Start collecting names of thought leaders and promised customers you can possibly cooperate with. Subscribe to the talks liberally and openly without expectation of quick returns. You’re seeking a long game, one that you can work within to make the changes in the world you’re good at and enthusiastic about.

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You can earn a nice, sustainable social enterprise out of that solution. Maybe not by next week, but it’s doable in the next several months and years if you’re intelligent and thoughtful.

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